Monthly Cooking Online Course

7 Modules, 16 lessons, 14 videos solving the “What’s for dinner” dilemma for good!

Why we love cooking just once a month …

Designating a cooking day each month to prep food enabled us to consistently gather our family around delicious meals for more than 20 years.

Because we’re kind of picky, we made it happen without “dump meals” or lining the freezer with casseroles. Like any family, there was always some food issue to address like all their food touching, or sauces, or big chunks of onions, or food they couldn’t recognize, or …. whatever.

And I didn’t do it alone. I’ve cooked with a good friend in a cooking partnership spanning the entire time.

That’s means thousands of meals have passed through our hands and into our freezers.

We know what freezes well and what doesn’t, understanding it is more important to have the menu and the plan than have every part of the meal cooked and frozen.

Imagine having a menu of delicious meals to choose from every day? 

Let me show you how with our Monthly Cooking Online Course.

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