Meet Judy, your guide to monthly cooking.

Judy Purcell, Founder
Judy and Pati, greatest of friends and cooking partner
Judy teaching an in-person monthly cooking class

Our Story

Designating a cooking day each month to prep food enabled us to consistently gather our family around delicious meals for more than 20 years.

Because we’re kind of picky, we made it happen without “dump meals” or lining the freezer with casseroles. With particular palates, there was always someone who didn’t like something—all their food touching, or sauces, or big chunks of onions, or food they couldn’t recognize, or …. whatever.

And I didn’t do it alone. I’ve cooked with a good friend in a cooking partnership spanning the entire time.

That’s 20 years of meals for TWO families, which means A LOT of food passed through our hands and into our freezers (like more than 7,000 meals!).

We know what foods freeze well and what doesn’t, understanding it is more important to have the menu and the plan than have every part of the meal cooked and frozen.

There are casseroles sprinkled in here and there with soups and stews every cook learns to make in big batches, but most of the recipes are everyday favorites with single meats and separate side dishes.

What if you had a list of meals hanging on your fridge to choose from every day?
Let me show you how.

What if you had a MENU hanging on your fridge to choose from every day?

Let me show you how.

Our Focus

This Monthly Cooking Course was developed to help families confidently answer the “What’s for dinner?” question we all face every night. 

In a healthy way …

I know, the term “healthy” gets tossed about with loose interpretations, one diet cures while another one slims. We focus on a balanced, clean eating lifestyle we can sustain over fad diets, so we emphasize whole food cooking.

Our quest for nutritional health began by eliminating refined sugar, oils, white flour, and processed foods. We struggled through the resistance to change from the kids and battled our own poor habits to develop meals that weren’t just better for us, but tasted great too!

Seeing your kids grow to embrace healthy food choices into adulthood is truly the best reward for the effort. 

This dietary makeover is explained in more detail in our Food Philosophy at Savoring Today as well as my cookbook Serve and Savor, a collection of our most beloved family recipes.

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