Meet Judy, your guide to monthly cooking.

If you want to consistently serve your family nourishing meals, we are passionate about the same things.

The Monthly Cooking Connection

My friend and I began our monthly cooking journey more than 20 years ago with the Once-a-Month Cookbook, recipe software, and six kids in-tow.

Since my own family was never keen on casseroles, the cookbook served as inspiration and we used Master Cook to organize our own family recipes around the concept. We learned how to incorporate any favorite recipe into our monthly menu and I can show you the same system.

Designating a cooking day each month to prep and cook enabled us to consistently gather our family around delicious meals. Because we’re kind of picky, we made it happen without “dump meals” or lining the freezer with endless casseroles.

We have stirred, chopped, tasted, mixed, and bagged more than 5,000 meals between our two families. That’s A LOT of food that has passed through our hands and into our freezers so we know what works and what doesn’t. 

There are casseroles sprinkled in here and there with soups and stews every cook learns to make in big batches, but most of the recipes are everyday favorites with single meats and separate side dishes.

This cooking method is not a fad, it’s a lifestyle. And we want to share the secret we’ve been using all this time to help you answer the same question every day—”What’s for dinner?”

What if you had a list of meals hanging on your fridge to choose from every day?

Let me show you how.