The secret to stress-free weeknight cooking.

We utilize a Monthly Cooking system proven over more than 20 years to consistently solve the "what's for dinner" dilemma. Feeding our own family healthy meals every night was a top priority and we can help you do the same.

Our Monthly Cooking Online Course will guide you in how to prepare and prep a monthly menu that will keep you a step ahead of whatever life brings!

Your family will enjoy what you make because they love their favorites, right?! You'll learn how to incorporate ANY recipe you choose (even grandma's famous roast) into your meal plan seamlessly. This means less of a learning curve for you and more familiar food choices for them—even if you "healthify" the recipes. 

Do you have dinnertime dread?

Always feeling a step behind ...

It's hard facing dinnertime without a plan and having to figure it out on the fly!

Don't want to plan everything in detail ...

Yes, planning is great, but you need flexibility! 

Facing the complaints ... 

You did it. You found meal plans, recipes, shopping lists ... the whole deal. But your family doesn't like sauces, or crunchy food, or chicken, or casseroles, or anything that is different

mom and baby in kichen

It's not your fault ...

You really do try, but you're squeezed for time and energy at the end of the day. It feels overwhelming trying to come up with something wholesome for your family every single day.

Answer "What's for Dinner?"
with ease & confidence!

What You'll Experience ...

Cancel the Complaints

No longer depend on someone else's menu plans that don't fit your family. Use ANY recipe for your monthly cooking day.

Feel Like You're a Step Ahead

Choose meals from a menu hanging on the fridge so you can face whatever life throws at you at dinnertime.

Dinner Every Night

End the day without stressing over dinner because it's only a few steps away from getting it on the table. 

Organize and prep meals monthly to maximize flexability and consistency.

Studies show ...

Cooking Light

Jan 26, 2021

Top 5 Benefits of Meal Planning, According to Dietitians

#1 You're more likely to reach health goals.

#2 It saves you LOTS of money.

#3 It enables variety and gives you control.

#4 It streamlines shopping and decreases food waste.

#5 It prevents decision fatigue.

Science Daily

Nov 7, 2014

Time Preparing Meals at Home Linked to Healthier Diet

"Spending more time at home preparing meals is associated with several indicators of a better diet, such as eating more fruits and vegetables. Conversely, spending less than an hour a day preparing food at home is associated with eating more fast food and spending more money eating out."

Family Dinner Project

Massachusetts General

Benefits of Family Dinners

"Over three decades of research have shown that regular family meals offer a wide variety of physical, social-emotional and academic benefits. While some of these benefits can be gained through other activities, eating together is the only single activity that is known to provide all of them at the same time."

Our own kids, now grown, value healthier food choices, enjoy connection that happens around a meal, and embraced cooking for themselves when they left home.

Your Monthly Cooking Guide, Judy Purcell

Designating a cooking day each month to prep food enabled us to consistently gather our family around delicious meals for more than 20 years.

Because we’re kind of picky, we made it happen without “dump meals” or lining the freezer with casseroles. Like any family, there was always some food issue to address like all their food touching, or sauces, or big chunks of onions, or food they couldn’t recognize, or …. whatever.

And I didn’t do it alone. I’ve cooked with a good friend in a cooking partnership spanning the entire time.

That’s means thousands of meals have passed through our hands and into our freezers.

We know what freezes well and what doesn’t, understanding it is more important to have the menu and the plan than have every part of the meal cooked and frozen.

What if you had a list of meals hanging on your fridge to choose from every day? 

Let me show you how.

This Monthly Cooking Course is about to launch and you can get in as soon as it's ready!

This VIP group will be the first to experience the course and offer valuable feedback to refine the material. 

Expect ♥ special pricing ♥ personal coaching

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