The Secret Cooking Hack for Stress-Free Family Meals Every Night!

Without feeding them crappy convenience food, expensive meal delivery, or lousy dump meals.

Any diet   Any skill level

Any size kitchen or fridge

Cook one day a month so you're always a step ahead of whatever life brings!

Do you have dinnertime dread?

mom and baby in kichen

You really do try ...

It seems like as soon as the dishes are cleared from the table they want a snack. It just doesn't end and you're out of ideas. 

Always feeling a step behind ...

You're squeezed for time and energy at the end of the day. It feels impossible trying to get it all done without losing your mind.

Tired of disconnected chaos ...

You wish mealtime could bring your family together at the table, but everyone is distracted by a screen and barely talks. 

Facing the complaints ...

You did it. You found a site with meal plans, recipes, shopping lists ... but your family doesn't like sauces, or crunchy food, or casseroles, or anything that is DIFFERENT. 

Imagine NO MORE ...

  • Struggling to figure out what to eat every night 
  • Stressing over what your kids are eating
  • Overwhelm at the end of the day
  • Wasting money on meal plans that don't fit your needs
  • Expensive delivery service
  • Getting bored with the same convenience foods 

Instead You'll ...

  • Select delicious meals from your own menu 
  • Always have good food choices on-hand
  • Have energy for quality time with family
  • Serve meals customized for your schedule and tastes
  • Save money and reduce packaging waste
  • Explore and experience new flavors whenever you want

Get the introductory price of $79 right now!

The secret to stress-free weeknight cooking.

We utilize a Monthly Cooking system proven over more than 20 years to consistently solve the "what's for dinner" dilemma.

Feeding our own family healthy meals every night was a top priority and we can help you do the same.

Your family will enjoy what you make because they love their favorites, right?!

Incorporate ANY recipe you choose (even grandma's famous roast) into your meal plan seamlessly. 

Here's what moms are telling me ...

Wendy S.


I have learned so many helpful tips for preparing meals that will make it so much easier! There's so much I just didn't know—now I feel more prepared to cook.

Diane H. 


Spending less time in the kitchen during the week is golden. The shortcuts and hints are just what I needed!

Nancy C.


I can't believe how much I've learned that will help me cook for my family. The printables are great too!

Studies show ...

Cooking Light

Jan 26, 2021

Top 5 Benefits of Meal Planning, According to Dietitians

#1 You're more likely to reach health goals.

#2 It saves you LOTS of money.

#3 It enables variety and gives you control.

#4 It streamlines shopping and decreases food waste.

#5 It prevents decision fatigue.

Science Daily

Nov 7, 2014

Time Preparing Meals at Home Linked to Healthier Diet

"Spending more time at home preparing meals is associated with several indicators of a better diet, such as eating more fruits and vegetables. Conversely, spending less than an hour a day preparing food at home is associated with eating more fast food and spending more money eating out."

Family Dinner Project

Massachusetts General

Benefits of Family Dinners

"Over three decades of research have shown that regular family meals offer a wide variety of physical, social-emotional and academic benefits. While some of these benefits can be gained through other activities, eating together is the only single activity that is known to provide all of them at the same time."

Our own kids, now grown, value healthier food choices, enjoy connection around a meal, and embrace cooking for themselves.

Monthly Cooking Online Course

Serving your family dinner every night has never been easier.

Here’s What You’ll Get When You Sign Up


Take control of all the recipes and meal planning in your life with this robust planning software.


You'll have guidance every step of the way! And it's all self-paced so you can skip to exactly what you need.


You can dive right into organizing recipes or use our Quick Start Menu so you're able to set up your cooking day even faster.

Course Highlights

Sneak peek!


Recipe Collection & Management

Outline and detailed video tutorials of how to collect, edit, store, and manage recipes manually or digitally.


Menu Planning

Step-by-step monthly and weekly menu planning around cooking one day a month to stock your freezer with a variety of meals so you're always a step ahead of what life brings.


Shopping List Guide & Management

Combine recipes and ingredients to streamline the once a month cooking day system so you can be as efficient as possible in the kitchen.


Cooking Day Planner and Guide

Includes cooking day planning and prep, complete set-up guide, as well as appliance and equipment recommendations.


Tips, Guides, and Hacks

This module is all about all the little things that make grocery budgeting, buying, reducing waste, meal prep, defrosting and serving meals that much easier.


Food Storage & Kitchen Organization

A guide to the best food storage products and efficient kitchen organization.


Cooking with a Partner

A practical guide for considering and finding a cooking partner to share the load and foster community.

Cooking Day Quick Start Menu

We’ve put together a quick start menu of 7 preset recipes for 10-12 meals and a cooking day outline for you so you’ll have delicious meals in your freezer in no time!


And there's so much more!


- Menu Planning Cheat Sheet
- Monthly Menu Plan Sheet
- Weekly Meal Planning Guide
- Weekly Meal Plan Sheet
- Side Dishes for Weekly Prep
- Healthy Shopping Guide
- General Shopping List
- Measure & Yields Chart
- Conversions & Yields Chart
- Common Substitutions




  • Fresh recipe ideas
  • LIVE tutorials
  • Technical help
  • Real-time support

    • Future courses on grilling, baby food, cooking with kids, whole grain baking, make-ahead holidays, low carb
    • OTHER Expert courses on InstantPot, Airfryer, sourdough baking, etc.

    I know, it's hard to believe you get all that, right?!

    One-time purchase



    Solve the "what's for dinner" dilemma for good!

    includes all this
    • 7 Modules, 16 lessons, 14 videos, 1 food-empowered lifestyle
    • MasterCook 15 Software (Value: $130)
    • Step-by-Step Video Tutorials
    • Quick Start Menu
    • Facebook Support Group
    • 10 Companion Printables
    • How Do I Freeze That Guide
    • Clean Eating Quick Start E-Book
    • Priority Discounts on Future Courses

    What You'll Experience ...

    Cancel the Complaints

    No longer depend on someone else's menu plans that don't fit your family. Use ANY recipe for your monthly cooking day.

    Feel Like You're a Step Ahead

    Choose delicious meals from your own menu so you can face whatever life throws at you at dinnertime.

    Dinner Every Night

    End the day without stressing over dinner and have more energy for quality family time around the table.

    More than a meal planner, it's a lifestyle!


    Can I use the Monthly Cooking system with a specialty diet?

    Absolutely. You can incorporate any recipe from any specialty diet into your cooking day. For help with a specific recipe, post a question in the Monthly Cooking Facebook group.

    What if I have picky eaters or my family doesn’t like casseroles or dump meals?

    You’re in the right place! My kids didn’t like foods that were all mixed together (casseroles), or sauces, or eating the heads of asparagus … and we were able to navigate all their preferences easily because we could use any recipe in this system.

    A personal note from your guide, Judy Purcell

    My mission is to help moms connect with and serve their family well at the dinner table.

    I want you to have more connection with your family than you've ever had.

    I want you to have more success eating healthy than you've ever known.

    I want you to experience more joy serving your family than you ever thought possible.

    I want you to know what it feels like to see your kids grow in healthy habits that will serve them their whole lives.

    I want you to be empowered to choose and prepare the food that will fuel your personal goals for wellness.

    Connection, healthy eating, and joy all require intentionality.

    What does all that have to do with monthly cooking? 


    Are you ready to break the cycle of unhealthy convenience foods and dinnertime frustration?

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